What else do you need?

Every idea contains within itself a tension that pushes it from the un-manifested to the manifested.

The space between these two moments is our work.

Often fast, hectic, always complex.

Hard to imagine what we will find along the way but our task is always to arrive and this simplifies yours.

Whether your need is technical, logistic or creative, tell us about it. We’ll help you design the project’s guidelines until the product matches your idea exactly. Entrust yourself to our experience, our designers will always be excellent technical allies for you.

Rough study:
We go and walk around the event location or find the appropriate location. We decide where we’ll work and with which structures. We identify the event, its feasibility and do a cost analysis. Production:
Now we send out the information to the purchasing and production sectors, we also contact local authorities in order to solve any legal or logistical problems. We coordinate all sectors and organize the construction site. Executive production:We build the sets. We supply and manage the lighting, audio and video systems. Production manages and co-ordinates the technical and artistic sectors. We plan the welcome service, catering and transport. Your idea has materialized, come and see

This is true for wherever you are in the world

we work with the best international companies, for this we are able to carry out and optimize your ideas

even if you’re in the desert.