If your company’s work is changed into a precise form, if the sound and the colours identify you, if your stand is not just an exhibition but a symbol of your work, the customer can enter into your world sensorially, appreciate and get to know you, together you and your company grow from one fair to the other.

Our designers and production have the experience and know-how needed to talk to you, to create spaces that express identity and convey your imprint in an unmistakable way.

BOTW productive and executive autonomy is the guarantee that allows you to choose and know that from start to finish you have one unique and reliable contact person.

BOTW takes care of the design, the project, its realization and of setting up and maintaining expo areas and stands regarding its structure, scenography and technical needs.

It supplies and manages lighting, audio and video systems. Designs and creates display stands and elements for indoor and outdoor spaces.